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Heath McCoy 1h
Interesting piece. I didn't know this / Hulk Hogan versus Marvel Comics | The Fight for His Name via
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"Kofi piped up and said with some big-boy bass in his voice, 'Vince, do you have a problem with me?' 'Maybe I do,' Vince replied. 'Do you wanna do something about it?' Kofi swallowed hard, 'Do you want me to do something about it?'"
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The tragic tale on how Perry Saturn's life spiraled out of control after a heroic act of bravery
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"People were always ribbing and playing jokes on each other. It was a fun atmosphere. Nowadays in , there isn’t much ribbing going on. Everyone seems to be on eggshells and afraid to mess up or get in trouble..."
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Hulk Hogan reached superstardom in the '80s to the displeasure of the already established Marvel Comics sensation, The Incredible Hulk. Had it not been for this bizarre agreement between Marvel Comics & WWE, Hulkamania possibly never would have run wild!
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"I knew I was gonna fight. I wore old clothes, I wore my old cowboy boots, I wore a shirt I didn’t mind getting blood on…and I went there, went straight to the babyface locker room and I beat the hell out of him…and I fight dirty."
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“You ever ask an alcoholic why he was sick or what was wrong with him? Or why he went to rehab? He probably said to heal. To get better. What I did tonight was exactly that. I was sick! I had a disease.”
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The Austin & McMahon rivalry took wrestling to great new heights. Here is the shocking truth behind one the greatest rivalries in WWE history.
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“He’s a bully. He is a verbal assassin. He picks, he judges… he’s just a little evil guy.”
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“I heard screaming. I didn’t hear exactly what the screaming was... I was told later that it was [Owen yelling at me to move out of the way]."
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After WMIII, McMahon made it clear that Piper was not part of the family anymore. He said, "The WWF doesn’t need Roddy Piper." Piper then looked him in the eye and replied, "Roddy Piper doesn’t need WWF!” He proceeded to go on to get a # 1 hit movie.
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"Being able to fight a guy like Brock Lesnar who has very limited skills in striking, in my prime and him in his prime, he doesn’t have a chance. How can you beat me? You can’t beat me. He was very limited in his skill sets, how can you beat me?”
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Interesting insight into Wrestlers Court (didn't know that invented it)
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The Austin and McMahon rivalry took wrestling to great new heights. Here is the shocking truth behind one the greatest rivalries in WWE history.
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"I learned to keep my thumb on the top of the beer bottle at all times, because there were always guys around who thought it was funny to spike your drink with pills."
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"There really is no other way to describe him other than this: he was a son of a b****!" A close look at the events that caused Dusty Rhodes to come out with a baseball bat and beat Tully Blanchard to near death on live television back in 1988.
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On the 21st of May, 2001 edition of Monday Night RAW, there was a fantastic tag team match. Chris Jericho refers to it as: “The match that doesn’t exist anymore because of the circumstances that happened after.”
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"Wielding a hunting knife and sawed-off shotgun, a tearful Graham shoved down a nurse and tossed a security guard across a hallway, hoisting his dead mother's body off a gurney and draping it over his shoulder..."
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The Signature Spot Jun 16
“The Freebirds were known as wild but I’m here to tell you that the Von Erichs were EXTREMELY wild!” - Michael Hayes Read more here:
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