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“Dusty and Murdoch were really big on wearing cut-off T-shirts and these ridiculously short jeans cut to look like Daisy Dukes!”
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The Genius Cast with Lanny Poffo 4h
Randy and Liz. Today would have been her 58th birthday. Liz was a kind soul whose loss is felt deeply.
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“I might have played a little joke on the Undertaker to see if he would break. He no-sold it and then he sat up and kicked Dustin’s a**. Which by the way, I did warn Dustin would happen. And then Taker came to the back and came after me!”
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"My eye literally came out of the socket, hanging out. ‘Stan, you popped my eye out, you motherf***er!’ I pushed it back in. A lot of people said, 'You're crazy, you should have stepped out of the ring...' But it never crossed my mind."
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"At the airport, JBL decided to try to push Blackman onto the moving luggage belt. Blackman turned around, unflustered, and planted a crescent kick flush on Bradshaw’s jaw, knocking him clean out. Blackman just picked up his bag and walked on.”
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"Before the match, way up on top of the cage, one of the Halloween decorations caught on fire. The Great Muta saw that and immediately scampered up the top rope and spit out a mouthful of green mist to save the day!"
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The latest episode of with our guest & friend (Associate Producer of 'The Wrestler' & '350 Days') is live NOW! Learn how Lanny almost got a role in The Wrestler and so much more! Available where all podcasts are found.
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As it turns out, AJ Styles' theme wasn't meant for him but for someone else altogether!
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JIM ROSS: "I caught Owen Hart coming down the hall, stumbling, bouncing off the walls. I got up close to him and he had white substance under his nose..."
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"The punch broke the fan's jaw and landed The Giant in Nassau Criminal Court on charges of third-degree assault."
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"They had somebody…an inside person. It was probably someone who was watching hockey with him and said, ‘Hey look, Dino, I’m gonna go to the bathroom…’ They shot him from behind. He didn’t see it coming…"
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"Kofi piped up and said with some big-boy bass in his voice, 'Vince, do you have a problem with me?' 'Maybe I do,' Vince replied. 'Do you wanna do something about it?' Kofi swallowed hard, 'Do you want me to do something about it?'"
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The tragic tale on how Perry Saturn's life spiraled out of control after a heroic act of bravery
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"People were always ribbing and playing jokes on each other. It was a fun atmosphere. Nowadays in , there isn’t much ribbing going on. Everyone seems to be on eggshells and afraid to mess up or get in trouble..."
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"I knew I was gonna fight. I wore old clothes, I wore my old cowboy boots, I wore a shirt I didn’t mind getting blood on…and I went there, went straight to the babyface locker room and I beat the hell out of him…and I fight dirty."
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SarcasticThots Nov 18
THE MIZ and DANIEL BRYAN: Too Good To Ignore via This is spooky good. was full of so much emotion and anger. Greatness!
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“You ever ask an alcoholic why he was sick or what was wrong with him? Or why he went to rehab? He probably said to heal. To get better. What I did tonight was exactly that. I was sick! I had a disease.”
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“He’s a bully. He is a verbal assassin. He picks, he judges… he’s just a little evil guy.”
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