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PS4/Nintendo Switch『ぷよぷよeスポーツ』は、新モード「チャレンジ」を3/20(水)無料追加配信を記念して、3/15(金)~4/10(水)23:59まで期間限定セール実施中ぷよ!(税込500円)「全国都道府県対抗eスポーツ選手権 2019 IBARAKI」予選で使用、エントリー受付中ぷよ!
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Damn Daniel Kokoro Hikareteku 14 Mar 19
Replying to @DogResidue24
I think that one is supposed to be the endurance mode (the one where you keep beating opponents untill you lose)
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Witch Mazzie 14 Mar 19
Is it possible to customize the time attack duration?
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YoshiBPuyo 🌟 PPT2 👀 15 Mar 19
Aaaaaa! This looks so cool!
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