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Tweets Nov 17
Replying to @in2009
We've tried it multiple times both yesterday and today, and none of our results lead to China.
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Replying to @bvilleberry
It is a domestic broadcast aimed at military units within a few hundred kilometers from the station. 4 MHz in daytime is perfectly fine for that purpose.
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Replying to @Observer9X
That is All India Radio, which broadcasts on this frequency for many hours a day.
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The new Buzzer simulcast on 4810 kHz (active since 12:55 UTC yesterday) is broadcast from somewhere near Moscow. It's also much stronger than 4625 kHz in many places.
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French AF on 6712 at 1430Z: "Circus Vert" (Villacoublay air base) working COTAM 1015, taking off from Paris.
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Replying to @DragonGamingg
Details, please? Judging by that frequency, you might have heard the Russian Navy from Kaliningrad.
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The rebroadcast on 6712 + 8992 since last night is from the French Air Force, not the USAF.
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Replying to @The_CthuLou
Currently not. We don't use Google Calendar anymore. We also don't recommend exporting the calendar offline because the data changes very frequently.
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Replying to @mlp_EDF
Oh yes there are. It's a common mistake to ignore the variant letters.
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That's indeed Swedish Rhapsody. Note that the station was Polish, not East German.
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Replying to @mlp_EDF
S11 has been gone for decades. Are you thinking of S11*a*?
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Nothing strange about this. Some X06 frequencies are also used by two-way channels.
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*4901 USB. It's audio feedback originating from the French military transmitter in Vernon.
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Replying to @eurozoner
No. Besides, political events rarely create noticeable activity spikes on HF.
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Replying to @StrangeBeacons
Polish, not Russian.
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Replying to @oneminutecall
What a terrible thread full of disproven hypotheses. The Buzzer is nothing more than a domestic military comms network.
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Replying to @davegantly
Looking at your screenshot, that burst of interference was local to Twente. No jamming attempt here.
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Replying to @davegantly
E07 transmitted as expected ("157 157 157 000"). This particular schedule is not always audible on Twente.
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Replying to @davegantly
This has been normal for G06 for a long time now.
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Replying to @pir34
The name is fictional and merely a reporting name. We don't know anything about its manufacturer or its development process.
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