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Dave Heeke 12h
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Replying to @playersprogramu
Correction, Taylor rushed for 284 yards & not just 248. Amazing performance! 🐻⬇️
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This is straight 🔥🔥🔥
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Arizona Wildcats 🏈 is in 1st place! At least we can say we're the best in the South for the moment 😼
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Shout out to JJ Taylor who rushed for 248 yards against OSU today! That ranks as the 4th best rushing performance in Arizona football history! 🐻⬇️
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Arizona Football 16h
Top Rushing Performances in Arizona history. 1. Ka'Deem Carey, 366 yards vs. Colorado 2. Khalil Tate, 327 yards at Colorado 3. Trung Canidate, 288 yards vs. ASU 4. J.J. Taylor, 284 yards TODAY at Oregon State |
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Miles Simon 16h
Happy birthday to the 🐐!!! Love you Coach!! You did so much for so many. Enjoy your day. We got us a 💍
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Khalil Tate's ankle must be far worse then what UofA leads us to believe. He's not running much this year & has hurt his ankle at some point in all 3 games.
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Shane Dale 19h
. has the nation’s best home record over the last five years. It sells out every home game and easily boasts the best attendance mark in the Pac-12 each year. For this, McKale Center has received an “honorable mention.” Try again, SI.
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Wishing A Happy Birthday To Our Living Legend Lute Olson!!! Click ⤵️ for coach Olson videos 🎥 🐻⬇️
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Arizona Football Sep 21
🏈 begins. Let’s Go! 🐻⬇️🅰️
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Brandon Randolph 2.0 Coming Soon!
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PFF College Sep 21
The highest receiving grades from Pac-12 receivers in Week 3
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Arizona Volleyball Sep 20
AND THE CROWD GOES WILD 🙀!! What an atmosphere tonight in the McKale Center. Thank you Wildcat Nation! |
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Grant Gunnell Sep 20
Had to get back on twitter real quick for this, show my brotha some love 🐻⬇️🔴
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Team RHJ Basketball Club Sep 20
We’d like to send our condolences to Richard Jefferson and his family. R.I.P. Mr. Jefferson.
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IV Sep 20
Official to Arizona next week🐻🔴
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niccolo Sep 20
they only come around when it’s convenient ...
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Replying to @ForzaPalermo04
Not anymore
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