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Pieter Omvlee
Working on getting a few demo machines ready for the meetup in The Hague so people can play with the first v52 beta's besides just hearing me talk about it – v52 will be a huge update. :-). Hope to see you there.
Come and join the team behind Sketch, at our next Meetup in the Hague.We’ll be meeting in the beautiful and historic 'Red Elephant' (Spaces) in the heart of The Hague to eat, drink and talk shop with
Meetup Meetup @Meetup
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Germen Sep 5
Wanneer kunnen we de update verwachten?
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Pieter Omvlee Sep 5
Replying to @Germen3 @sketchapp
Altijd lastig te voorspellen, maar we hopen snel naar public beta te kunnen gaan
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Erika 〰 Geeft Vorm Sep 5
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Ivo van Willigen Sep 5
Sounds Great. See you tomorrow!
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Agnimitra Sep 6
Whats cooking in the *Huge Update*?
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Hans B Sep 6
Kun je ook al iets meer vertellen over wat er in deze enorme update zit :-)?
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mike Sep 6
How'd it go? Anything you can share with the public?
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Marcus on a11y Sep 7
Ohhh noooo - totally missed this ;-(
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