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is your front-row seat to the Greater Philadelphia region through the reporting of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.
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Philadelphia Flyers 20m
Join us in welcoming the newest member of the Family, !! Learn more about Gritty:
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Tom Avril 23m
Some cardiologists had been skeptical that the device would help this group of patients with leaky heart valve. But a new study, which included patients at , , and , showed promise via
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Suspending driver's licenses can be 'cruel and unusual' punishment for ex-offenders | Opinion
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Maria Panaritis 26m
Follow me on Twitter today as I witness a dramatic day in Pennsylvania's Capitol in light of the Catholic Church abuse scandal. A rally. A vigil with Gov Wolf, A.G. Shapiro. Legislative action. Will victims get the right to sue decades after institutions covered up the crimes?
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Who exactly is Rod Rosenstein? This past summer, the Inquirer and Daily news interviewed more than a dozen of his former colleagues, friends and political figures to learn about the man who is now making national headlines.
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Tommy McDonald, Eagles Hall of Famer, dies
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David Maialetti 1h
Images from inside the courthouse of Bill Cosby's sentencing hearing for his conviction of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.
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Girl, 17, shot near Philly's Central High School
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Angela Couloumbis 1h
Will Pa. approve a two-year window for lawsuits by victims of child sexual abuse who have aged out of the statute of limitations for such actions? Not without a showdown first in the state Capitol. w/:
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Zach Berman 1h
Tommy McDonald, Eagles Hall of Famer, dies via
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Germantown Academy's Zach Kohm invited to USA Swimming's national select camp
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Replying to @phillydotcom
Hardeman, a North Philly native, is Temple's first ever Rhodes Scholar. Read what he has to say about overcoming odds here ⬇️ 
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"Nothing in our world is fixed or final, and the barriers we face are only as strong or weak as our efforts to change them." from Temple grad Hazim Hardeman
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Reporter is in court today for Bill Cosby's sentencing hearing. Follow along ⬇️
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Laura McCrystal 2h
Cosby’s sentencing hearing is underway. Lawyers argued this morning over whether judge should hold a Sexually Violent Predator hearing – which could lead to Cosby registering as sex offender for life and going to mandatory monthly counseling.
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The shooting prompted lockdowns for about an hour at Central and the nearby Girls High School and Widener Memorial School.
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TyLisa C. Johnson 2h
This editorial calls on and to fix the staffing problem at libraries. The editorial comes after a report last week said many times in the city's poorest areas, branches close earlier and more often.
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No. 3 Haddonfield at No. 1 St. Joseph highlights games to watch this week
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Justine McDaniel 2h
Replying to @McDanielJustine
Cody Wilson has returned to the US and is reportedly out on $150k bail. His attorney Samy Khalil says: “We are glad that Cody is back in Texas again where we can work with him on his case. That’s our focus right now, representing our client and preparing his defense.”
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Tom Avril 2h
Getting within the 4-yard-line on the way to the sun. Why the won't melt, and other curiosities, explained by and physicists via
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