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Sjors Provoost Nov 30
Some thoughts on the recent arrest of an Ethereum developer for giving presentation in North Korea and symbolic ETH transfer to South Korea (which afaik didn't take place). What precedent is the FBI trying to set?
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Peter Todd
Note that the second tweet of mine that you quote doesn't appear to be completely correct. The FBI did mysteriously cut off one of their options to getting the data off the phone. But it seems that was in changing the iCloud password, disabling unencrypted backups, not the pin.
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Peter Todd Nov 30
Replying to @provoost
Correct enough to keep the tweet up and preserve context, but not correct enough to be quoted in an article. :)
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Sjors Provoost Dec 1
Replying to @peterktodd
I added your explanation below the tweet. It was the last sentence I found the most useful.
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