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Peter King
SAN DIEGO-I told driver to get to Qualcomm as fast as she could. I have no comment on this.
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Todd Munson 19 Aug 16
Awful judgement on both of you. Five cyclists have been killed in San Diego this year due to moves like this.
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Gregor Macdonald 20 Aug 16
Two journalists for , and brag and laugh about driving San Diego’s bike lane.
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Matt Hickey 20 Aug 16
The Adieu Haiku is still worse than this
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Amy Trask 19 Aug 16
Baller move Jenny - I once drove the shoulder of the freeway en route to training camp - game respects game.
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Nick Canepa 19 Aug 16
They take their bike lanes very seriously in San Diego. 10,000 miles of bike lanes, 10 bicyclists.
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Brian Dziewa 20 Aug 16
. This is not right. A human being could have been on a bike in that bike lane. A human with a family.
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SD Guero 20 Aug 16
Nice. My wife runs with a jogging stroller and our kids in that bike lane.
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TimJackson 20 Aug 16
thanks for the photographic evidence- makes it much easier to fwd to to report!
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John Holderness 20 Aug 16
Wonder if enjoy seeing journos driving in the bike lane?
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