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Pernille Ripp
Parents; what do you wish your child’s teacher would ask them in the first week of school?
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Jennifer Amadei Jun 28
Replying to @pernilleripp
I wish someone would ask them “how will I know when you need help?” Both of my kids are high achievers who won’t seek assistance if they don’t feel connected to their teachers.
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Pernille Ripp Jun 28
Replying to @ama_mama_jen
Yes!!! Fantastic question
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Karen Lindquist Jun 30
Replying to @pernilleripp
I always send a note home to parents asking THEM what they would like for me to know about their child. They can send a note back or email me. I love these responses b/c I feel parents will give me a more honest answer than some of the kids. They are so grateful for this
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Pernille Ripp Jun 30
Replying to @KarenLindquis12
Yup we do this too
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