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Our approach to charity is simple: we take small change and make a BIG difference with it! Call 03000 11 11 11 or donate online at:
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Blessed with a beautiful voice and an impressive résumé of performances from around the world, the young up-and-coming star Adnan is sure to give you an amazing night at our event Eid with the Neighbours. Book tickets now at or by calling 03000 11 11 11.
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Penny Appeal and Holy Land Dates are offering you the chance to spend this Eid in Palestine! For just £1,099 pp you’ll fly to the Holy Land, and spend 7 nights in the old city of Jerusalem giving gifts to the Orphans. Don’t miss this trip! Book now at
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Get an exclusive look at the holiest place on earth for just £5 💷 this summer! One Day in the Haram features the most complete vision of the Haram in Makkah 🌙 ever created! Book your viewing now at or call 03000 11 11 11.
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Yaseen Sheikh 15h
Well done to these students at for presenting to their peers and class about the great work are doing in the UK & worldwide. Hoping our partnership will continue in 2019 to help save more lives! 🍊
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👉🏿 It is ! 🎉 Take part in a community clean-up and celebrate the memory of this great leader! Take action and inspire change!
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Are you free this September? Then why not come and see this amazing family's story on our fantastic new , Eid with the Neighbours? Until the 22nd July tickets are available for just £5, a fantastic bargain! Get tickets while they last at
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Meet Penny Appeal's Emoji Family! They're here to wish you a Happy ! 🧡
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The Prophet also said: "Every act of goodness is charity." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 496
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TeamOrange Jul 17
Congraulations Josh who completed his amazing challenge of walking 6km a day for a month carrying a 20kg back pack. He clocked up 180km over the last 30 days raising funds for Thirst Relief .
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Replying to @Haroon_Mota
Congrats, Haroon! We're so lucky to have you on our team! 😀
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BANGLADESH FLOODS EMERGENCY! Donate now! Click here to donate: Or call 03000 11 11 11 Heavy monsoon rainfall has caused devastating floods across Bangladesh. Over 450,000 people are affected.
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Riders of Shaam Jul 17
So close to the £100,000 mark! Just 3 weeks to go until we're off to cycle 500 miles from for & . Please keep them donations coming. Come see us off 10am at Clock Tower, Sat 4th August. Plz Retweet!
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Take action! Pay your Qurbani with Penny Appeal for only £29! Click: Or call 03000 11 11 11 for free.
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It's ! ❤️ Use your best emojis to caption this picture of children Penny Appeal has helped through our Orphan Programme! 😃
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Laura Payne Jul 16
time again. This year joined by - so much overlap between our approaches to social change, so hugely looking forward to their input during the week.
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jogonhijabi lynne Jul 16
Thank you to my family for sharing my journey and letting me be a part of so many of your wondeful adventures. 🍊🍊🍊
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Legacy Foresight Jul 16
"There is a need for more accessible information on the benefits of giving to charity through Islamic wills." Meg on Muslim legacy giving in our new blog, with thanks to
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Nadeem 🇵🇰 Jul 16
Good to see Foundation and 🇨🇦 working together to provide water in Tharparkar, 🇵🇰
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Our action packed show Eid with the Neighbours is on tour from the 31st August in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. The FIRST EVER UK Nasheedical offers an amazing night of family fun! Book your tickets now at
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A Penny Appeal exclusive tour is offering FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER 🎆 an insightful look into the centre of the Islamic world with a new film One Day in the Haram ☪️. Get your tickets 🎫 while they last at or call 03000 11 11 11.
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