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Paul Sperry
BREAKING: Over dozen Senators just asked Schiff about RCI story (below) & he did not deny it but complained about “attacks" & "smears on my staff." Schiff refused to answer direct question why he hired WB pal Misko day after the Trump-Ukraine phone call:
Eric Ciaramella, right. He and a colleague, Sean Misko, below -- both now central to impeachment -- were Obama administration holdovers ( By Paul Sperry,...
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Veteran For Trump Jan 30
Senator just held a conference and read the question that was blocked. Why?
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jo miller Jan 30
Whelp, 20+ senators asked a similar question & Roberts caved.🤔👍😏
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PlayTheTrumpCard ⚡️ Text TRUMP to 88022 Jan 30
The House Managers spend all their time during the Q&A session accusing President Trump of every crime short of murder while they avoid answering any of the questions that deal with how Schiff was involved setting up this entire coup.
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Joseph J. Flynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jan 31
These kind of sources who do not come forth to report sedition and treason are cowards doing a disservice to the Nation
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KAG 2020 🐲🐉🐲🐉#FREEFLYNN Jan 31
The people want justice for those that are really guilty how many others have been wrongfully accused in the past many I'm sure
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John Schreiber ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jan 30
End this sham and then subpoena these clowns to senate judiciary.
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Chris Cook 🇺🇸 Jan 30
I hope that and the rest of them just keep submitting that question until answers. If they want witnesses, Schiffty needs to be the first one called!!
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