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Patton Oswalt
is . And I love him. I love you . Please promise me you will befriend Banjo Man, walk the earth together, and get into adventures.
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McCarty Aug 7
Oh my goddamn. Is this the beginning of a movement.The kind of movement that changes a culture.We all follow the lead of . We wear green shirts at events like this, we laugh our asses off at everyone wearing a red hat and a chant. No words, just laughter.
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justbeinpetty Aug 7
Rockin ‘stache optional, but highly recommended.
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Nick VinZant Aug 7
Banjo man. He's a city council regular and a very kind man
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Bobby D 🇺🇸🇳🇱🏳️‍🌈 Aug 7
His voice is a perplexing mix of 'weak and shaky' with 'engaging and soft'. This is perfect American music right here: a string instrument (that isn't a guitar) and a song about what we've seen. Someone should talk to this man about writing songs for the radio.
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Mark Rapacz Aug 7
The big gulp is the second great hero of this incident.
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25th Amendment Time Aug 7
Lmao the soda even made it into an article about them.
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Alex Kack Aug 7
Replying to @pattonoswalt
I can't believe this is real.
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ames Aug 7
Are you gonna be too famous for me to buy a beer in Tucson? 🍻
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Stormborn: sick of the Moron Mafia and StupidGate Aug 7
Hey Patton, can we add red and white shirt guy into this love fest? He was the one heckling her all the way out❤️
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Greg Smith Aug 7
was also brilliant, providing a running narrative under the well as a nice set of ‘you’re in direct violation’ observations. Thank you both for a lesson in how to respond to the baffling support for our monster in chief.
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