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Tweets Mar 19
Come play Oxyd at our GDC Play booth N3125. Action puzzler/brain game. Reloaded our game from 1989. MacWorld Hall of Fame 1993 - Best Brain Game
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Nelly Cootalot Mar 17
🏴‍☠️AHOY🏴‍☠️ Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is coming to Nintendo Switch this April! Puzzles! Jokes! Buckled Swashes! We're delighted about this. Come and visit at and to have a look! It'd be super- nice if you RT'd! 🦜🦆🦢
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Replying to @Frizlab
No, still working on it. Be the first to hear about it by signing up on our mailing list:
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Check out action puzzler Oxyd at You can play it on at booth N3125 in the GDC Play area.
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Check out action puzzler Oxyd at You can play it on at booth N3125 in the GDC Play area.
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We are bringing back Oxyd. Meet us at in the GDC Play area, booth N3125. Press is very welcome, see details here: BTW: Ever wondered what magnets do with balls rolling on ice?
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Destructoid Sep 18
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Backwoods Sep 13
Lamplight City, a detective story that allows you to fail, is out now! Congratulations, !
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Dave Gilbert 🔜GDC! Aug 8
Unavowed is OUT! It is a multi-branching, party-based adventure game about magic, hope, coming together, and mystery. You can also set stuff on fire, visit other realms, talk to dragons, and do slam poetry with a muse. Buy it for $14.99 here:
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Big Boss Battle (B3) Jul 31
"We could say more in favour of Lamplight City, its denizens and its intriguing story, but really, all we need to say is that it promises to be a great experience" reviewed the Lamplight City by & really enjoyed it!
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Get Indie Gaming 🔜 @EGX Rezzed Jul 24
While we're rather late to this one, here's our review of Unforeseen Incidents, a classical point-and-click adventure that's beautifully imperfect:
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Backwoods Jul 23
When we started making games, was a source of big inspiration and has since been a site we visited on an almost daily basis. Now, our own game appeared there. Wheee 🥳
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Replying to @ustwogames
Bringing back a game we've done 28 years ago called Oxyd. A combination of puzzler and hand eye coordination. Attached is what it looked like back in the day on ATARI ST and Amiga. Working on a fresh new look.
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John Walker @ GDC 💾 May 25
Unforeseen Incidents is the best point-and-click adventure I've played in twelfty-seven years:
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Backwoods May 25
It's really quite unbelievable! We're finally releasing our very first game, the point & click adventure Unforeseen Incidents - a mystery about a handyman, an epidemic, and an evil conspiracy to , , and . Buy:
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Jack Yarwood May 22
For , I interviewed the devs at about the upcoming point-and-click adventure Unforeseen Incidents (releasing May 24th). Take a look!
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Matt Moiselle May 8
What a beautiful spring morning! Just like in this super early Unforeseen Incidents ! That was from back when we decided which mood/setting each chapter should have.
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Replying to @nr2097 @Raspberry_Pi
This is really cool! Love it! We're just redoing Oxyd - a game that actually ran on the NeXTCube! Too bad it's not going to run on the raspi. That would be awesome, wouldn't it? ;-)
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If anybody who knows Oxyd from back in the day (we're talking 80ies) is going to EGX Rezzed in London come see us in the Indie Room. This is what we're showing: We can give you an idea on what we're doing with the remake of this classic gaming gem.
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EGX 19 Mar 18
What's that? You want MORE games at ? Introducing: 🎉 FAR: Lone Sails 🎉 Brawlout 🎉 Lamplight City 🎉 Unforeseen Incidents 🎉 Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD 🎉 Oxyd More info and tickets:
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