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Operation Starfall 🌠
Let's get it right this time! An additional poll is making it's rounds to give an accurate sample of most wanted. Check it out and make your voices heard for
Recently, fake statistics showing the most wanted Smash Bros. characters have come out. This poll will attempt to provide more accurate statistics. Please name your most wanted character and list...
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Gioka #BringBackGoldenSun Sep 12
Replying to @opestarfall
Who is the host of this poll? Where can we see the results?
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Operation Starfall 🌠 Sep 12
Replying to @DDGioka
When we receive confirmation on the results, we will be the first to tell you. At the given moment, please feel free to provide your feedback to this community driven poll as well as the one organized by PapaGenos, Sabi and Scott the Woz. 🌠
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White Bread Sep 11
Replying to @opestarfall
Ill be honest, i want geno in smash so bad its not even funny, but i do want Doomguy just a bit more ;). Im keeping my hopes held high for both!
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