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Oliver Darcy
New, via : Tim Cook & Eddy Cue met over wkd and decided to pull Alex Jones / InfoWars content. After learning of Apple's decision, Zuckerberg told his team to pull Jones' pages from Facebook. YouTube followed after learning of Apple's decision
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Arlen Parsa 7 Aug 18
Apple really needs to pull the Info Wars app from their store. It has the same content as Alex Jones other material and it's governed by the same terms of use that Apple already enforced with its podcast directory.
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Paul Swigert 7 Aug 18
Facebook is destroying their customer base and likely won't survive the next decade. Becoming very boring and full of commercials, the whole point of using internet tech, I decide what, when, where, how, and why I watch, see, or read.
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kf100 7 Aug 18
Yet people like you act like you're under attack when someone calls you "fake news" or even points out that you're extremely biased. Censorship ALWAYS starts with the people some think are crazy and then moves on to any and everyone the censors don't like.
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Mary MacKay 7 Aug 18
It's called freedom of speech Facebook You TubeTwitter and anyone else needs to put Alex Jones and his team back on the websites they know more of what is going on than any of you do they go out and investigate CNN CBS ABC NBC there all one sided the left don't have a brain
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Shay 7 Aug 18
You patted yourself on the back yesterday...
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Jon Lurie 7 Aug 18
Yes! Tim Cook is a legend and the adult in the room.
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