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Rob O'Donnell
“When we raise taxes on the poor, it’s good because then the poor will live longer because they can’t afford as many things that kill them.” ~Nanny State Mayor Bloomberg
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ValuesCommon Feb 15
Replying to @odonnell_r
Well, I watched the video. He is talking about taxing large soda drinks because they are major cause of obesity and cigarettes that cause disease. This is valid because we all end up paying for increases heathcare costs of people. Not tax on lower incomes.
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Rob O'Donnell Feb 15
Replying to @ValuesCommon
Sugary drinks was his “for example”, he then goes on to coal and other things. He was talking holistically as a means to control behavior via taxes targeting the poor as he assumes they can’t make those choices for themselves.
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James 🏳️‍🌈 28 Nov 19
Replying to @jthigh @odonnell_r
Same approach with cigarettes. One of the easiest taxes to increase and of course will be supported by non-smokers especially. However, all this really does is hurt the user who is still going to have a butt, or a sugary drink, and now they’re just losing more money for it.
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Grace Vasquez 28 Nov 19
Replying to @odonnell_r @POTUS
NOW THIS GUY IS A DICTATOR! See the difference? believes tax break ur money is urs! wants to tax, take ur money and still tell u how to spend what little money u have!
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The gem 28 Nov 19
Wow..he did that to New Yorkers and look how it is now!! This is totally control...I'm sure he will live long cause of his money buying everything he needs especially organic food and expensive drinks!! Wow welcome to animal farm!!
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Dave Heltebran 28 Nov 19
“Here I sit, as an all-knowing billionaire and I am here to tell you how things are going to go...” wow.
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yourimagination 28 Nov 19
Replying to @odonnell_r
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