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Obianuju Ekeocha
“when you say it like you’re killing a human baby and make it sound more brutal like you’re killing someone that is already alive” Many teenagers who know nothing about abortion are conditioned to identify as “pro-choice”. Smh. 🎥by:
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Bud E Sep 8
"I believe if a woman is not ready for a child ..." Then maybe, just maybe, she should think twice before engaging in activity that may lead to one???
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Captain Twitchy Sep 8
Replying to @ebleas @obianuju and 2 others
I agree, but pro-life boys have the same responsibility for making that decision.
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Larry 🐺 Sep 8
"You're making me think about it" Finally At least she changed her mind. Hopefully it doesn't change back.
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Father Basil Sep 8
And this is why we cannot be afraid to talk about things like this.
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Rosemary Bogdan Sep 8
Aww, what a sweet open hearted teenager. She heard the truth and recognized it. God bless her.
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Laus tibi, Christe 🇮🇪 ✝️🇮🇪 Sep 8
Kinda shocking how the euphemisms we use for killing have fooled so many people. Thank God her eyes were opened!
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Brain Fodder Sep 8
They have been conditioned to defend abortion yet they don't fully understand what they defend. They are victims of propaganda & twisted semantics. This was a beautiful epiphany to witness. God bless her & the young woman that lifted the veil from her eyes. Blessings!
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Shawna Sep 8
Mourn the rhetoric spoken by those with zero understanding of what they are endorsing. It could be the death of us. But the tide is turning. Will they wake in time?
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Gail Mickler Sep 8
That was a beautiful thing to witness. To see Morgan change her mind & heart was like 🐛to 🦋💫 Love that! Keep it up!!
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