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Michael Novogratz
2020 prediction #1. loses by more than 10mm votes. #2 finishes over 12k. #3. wins 3 golds in Tokyo (MF). #4 wins the Oscar for Mr Rodgers. #5 and it’s partners help shrink the ‘supervised’ population from 4.5mm to 4mm or <
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Charles Hoskinson Dec 28
Sorry Nov, trump is going to win. Better luck in 2021 with your predictions
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Wizard Kitty Dec 28
Agreed. The dem candidates (except for bloomberg) have all gone off the rails. Wokism, radical leftism and crazy socialists will put most people off. If this is what Trump is going up against, it will be an easy win for him.
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Dog dragging a man Dec 28
That's pretty out of touch. Donald Trump very likely to get second term. I'll bet you 1 eth he gets reelected.
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Michael Novogratz Dec 28
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Bert Dec 28
So who beats Trump in your opinion? I can see Biden w the right VP choice but the field is weak beyond that.
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T-DUb's Dec 28
Biden can barley form a coherent sentence.
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Social Credit™9000🦄🦄🦄 Dec 28
this won't age well
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skYY7 Dec 28
Trump will win with ease. in 11 months
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LHE ⚡️ Dec 28
Replying to @sk_yy7 @novogratz and 5 others
in 10 months
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jordy$TOMO Dec 28
reaches $50 eoy
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