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Where to eat,rest & play along 200+ miles of the River Thames. Boating,restaurants,pubs,hotels, wedding & party venues.Published by the River Thames Guide (RTG)
Tweets Jul 2
We've got some lovely photos of the Thames being sent in but no fish yet. Are there no fish in the river or is everyone being too modest to email us
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A great discovery for any visitor to the area looking for a place for good lunch or evening meal
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Utterly avoidable damage and so very common even now!
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In case you have photos-we would love to see and share next month what you have been catching this year from the Thames?
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Great news and well deserved of course!
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The Rivers Trust Jun 21
It's and we've been joined by the gorgeous Jessie 🐶 Look at those puppy eyes 😍🥰
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Saturday 22nd Abingdon Food and drink Festival Nice day out to a very interesting old town. Supporting Thames Valley Air Ambulance- and another great place for photos for our Thames cruise competition closes 25th
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If you have already emailed us a photo hoping to win that Thames cruise for the family- yes, you are in with a chance.But if not -do it before 25th please
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Hard work but well worthwhile Well done all
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We want your photos please. Anything with the Thames in it somewhere. You could win the family a leisurely Thames cruise on the Upper Thames
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If you have been inspired by Tony Robinson's excellent Channel 5 series about walking the Thames, there are lots more Thames walks to try here from sea to source
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Well done all that took part and will do maybe next time, including me.
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Our apologies to all our loyal clients and followers on the web who today and yesterday were unable to access We got hit by internet "warriors" and spent a lot of time mopping up after their visit. Thanks for your patience
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You too can make an entry today by going to our competition details in this months newsletter
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Well done to the newest Royal who made his entry into the world today
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Windsor based Meejana restaurant and Thames cruise operator Salters Steamers have kindly given us vouchers as prizes in our fun and simple true or false competition You can enter here before May 8th
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Good luck to all those organising the Thames Valley and London Boat show. We hope its an annual event and one for our Thames events calendar.
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12-14th April- a great Thames based initiative that deserves every success this weekend Good luck to those organising the inaugural Thames Valley and London Boat show. Hope its a regular item each year
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Its a double first and a brilliant achievement for Cambridge-winners of the both the men's and women's Boat Races 2019 AND 2018. And well done to all those involved ...but we would naturally have preferred Oxford to win! ' There's always next year
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Brexit competition-closed now after we have received quite a variety of 4 letter words (thanks all) like EXIT and BITE of course,derived from BREXIT But for us, BRIE took the biscuit as most people are cheesed off with it. Next competition starts 14th
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