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Where to eat,rest & play along 200+ miles of the River Thames. Boating,restaurants,pubs, wedding & party venues.Published by the River Thames Guide (RTG)
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of the UK canals and people on them or by them! Please contact Full acknowledgement of any material used.
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Please join our in science quiz starting today. Q1 When travelling by car with a 4 year old child, how long will it be before you have to stop for him/her to use a public toilet ? 1,2 3.... or more hours?.
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When is the last time you came face to face with a hedge hog or walked a stretch of the Thames ? Now you can do both if you check out our Thames Walks and join in this citizen scientist project
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Now its official. We can all enjoy some of those fabulous walks along the Thames again. You can try some of these from Wednesday
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Obviously if social distancing is maintained, it seems such a harsh decision to totally shut down the Thames to any private craft when other waters are still in use. Perhaps clearing those blockages along the river should now be addressed if they're the reason?
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Great thought for the future Why travel matters and why I will continue to make travel matter after COVID-19 via
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Apologies to all who tried to access today We have a technical issue- caused by human error Should be back to normal soon
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Can you help please ? naming both people in this photo taken by us shortly after the presentation of the trophy for the Women's University Boat Race 2015
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16th Oct.We wave a temporary farewell to RTG lifer,Twinkle who will make her way to central China for a 2 month visit but.... we're missing her already !
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Saturday 14th Another great day on the Thames with The Great River Race taking place in sunshine even -at this moment. See it for free from the bridges from Docklands to Richmond.. More Thames Events at
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Totally Thames September -a month packed with Thames events, many of which are free for the family to see or join Tomorrow- from Putney (photo courtesy of Thames Bridges Trek) More events at
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Another great Thames tradition and incidentally a good free treat for the family too
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Just one of many excellent events in September! See you there
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The last bank holiday before Christmas may have come and gone but there is plenty happening all along the Thames Next month sees the start of Thames -a month long celebration.Check
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Coming soon Autumn WaterBlitz..It'll be your chance to help clean up the Thames by sampling the water and reporting the results ! All ages welcome
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What a delight to retweet a story like this
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Excellent result! We value photos like this and admire the achievement. Its welcome news confirming the health of our river.
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Replying to @WeybridgeQH
Sounds very exciting. Do let us know more.
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We've got some lovely photos of the Thames being sent in but no fish yet. Are there no fish in the river or is everyone being too modest to email us
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A great discovery for any visitor to the area looking for a place for good lunch or evening meal
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