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fake nick ramsey
... watch: in today's hearing fbi's comey & nsa's rogers knock down an assertion made by on twitter during the hearing, itself.
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Gypsy Maggie Mar 20
Oh BURN! His Highness is so full of shit he squishes when he walks.
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Ian James Krohn Mar 20
fuck the orange tyrant
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TeamLeaderOmega Mar 20
fbi and NSA be like...what's twitter...oh wait my daughter goes there doing her hashtag these days
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🖇Sabrina🌹‼️™® Mar 20
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Yücel's Art Mar 20
They gotta answer direct to BS otherwise the idiot public will not get it
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Delilah Lu Mar 20
45 misinterpreted an answer by FBI/NSA that there was no evidence 2 support that VOTES were affected by Russian hackers
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Charlie Mar 20
If he takes a strong enough laxative, he won't even be able to walk anymore!
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