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Nichole Nordeman
Hey , every Christmas you speak so convincingly about your heart for innocent children...the least of these...which is why I knew you’d be floored to learn about a place that so desperately needs some of those shoeboxes. I’ll hand deliver.
Inspectors and lawyers traveling to border facilities in Texas described tremendous overcrowding and filthy conditions for hundreds of children and other detainees.
The New York Times The New York Times @nytimes
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Tim Jackson 21 Jun 19
The Evangelical Principle seems to be this: "We like to go to foreign lands to help little brown children for a week at a time. We do not like it when they come to our country to live. And their parents terrify us." This is not the Jesus Way.
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Brian Zahnd 21 Jun 19
Franklin, and I will help Nichole Nordeman hand deliver those shoeboxes -- shoeboxes we have helped provide for . I'm totally serious.
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Amber Benson 21 Jun 19
Let me know when and where. As long as those shoeboxes are full of medical care, clean clothes, nutritious food, and toothbrushes.
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Ashlea 21 Jun 19
I can pack a few boxes!
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Kristen Howerton 21 Jun 19
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C.C. Claybrook 22 Jun 19
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Ali Mac 21 Jun 19
I will do some shoeboxes for samaritans purse if I can deliver them to Nauru, an island in the South Pacific where Australia imprisons asylum seekers. Our shameful version of America’s concentration camps at the border.
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Belinda, maker of ruckus 🏳️‍🌈✝️ 22 Jun 19
Me too, I’ll help.
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