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Luke Dennehy 1h
It was great to chat to a candid John Burgess about his long career as well as his great friendship and sad last moments with Adriana Xenides ...for
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Rebekah Scanlan 3h
There’s nothing a good face mask can’t fix. Tiredness? Tick. Hangovers? Tick. Knocking 10 years off? Find out on
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BREAKING: A 25-year-old woman is in custody after she allegedly killed her mum in what has been described as a “gruesome and confronting” scene, reports WARNING: Graphic
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Reality star’s secret rehab fight
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Jill 2h
While I worry about getting uniforms and lunches ready for my daughter to return to school after 3 weeks of holidays, elsewhere other mothers like me are trying to reestablish a sense of normalcy for their children in the midst of horrifying devastation.
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Matt Young 4h
Bindi Irwin has been a fan favourite with our readers this morning | via
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Mike Cook 5h
*Insert X Files theme music* Have you heard the craziest moon landing conspiracy theory yet?
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Matt Young 5h
Another star has washed up on our shores. But in our celebrity trade-offs, we always get the short end of the stick, writes | via
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Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the pin-up on every girls’ wall. Now he’s all but gone from Hollywood. What happened to The Lion King star? Via
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Matt Young 6h
The learner driver who was drunk and speeding when he hit and killed a young Australian student made a series of callous choices, reports | via
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KILLER’S ‘COWARDLY’ ACT: Driver’s heartless decisions revealed
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Tourists are flocking to ‘Australia’s Chernobyl’ despite health risks.
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Dr John Woolf 15h
Great article from at on Victorians and anti-masterbation... I discuss the tragic yet ultimately triumphant story of George Drysdale
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LJ Charleston 15h
The horror of Victorian-era anti-masturbation devices. It was believed to drive you insane...the vice of “self love” ! My latest for with
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MistresElectraAmore® 17h
If you would like to know a little bit more about my history read this article, where & I share with about training as a Dominatrix / Professional Mistress. I would love to hear from my co Fetish workers how they trained in this industry.
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Kate Iselin 17h
“...and that’s how she found herself standing outside the unassuming terrace house in Melbourne’s suburbs, waiting nervously as she heard the click-clack of high stiletto heels walking towards her down the corridor.” Tonight on ⁦⁩!
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Wenlei Ma 16h
Is there a more perfect night to stream one (or two) of these space movies than tonight? I’ll also be chatting to about it at 10pm on
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“A Mistress dressed in leather opened the door, looked me up and down, and said, ‘Come inside’."
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She tragically lost her father Steve Irwin when she was only eight years old, but for Bindi, the real tragedy has only been revealed with age. Via .
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Matt Young 19h
A man who saw 15-year-old Janet Phillips running from a depraved killer as he was abducting her to murder has spoken about the night he could have saved her. Incredible read from | via
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