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Article 2011-11-29
Tweets about "Mobile first CSS and getting Sass to help with legacy IE"
Jake Archibald 3 Jun 12
Using Sass 3.2 to create mobile-first CSS that doesn't leave IE8 behind
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Nathan Smith 21 Oct 13
I find myself sharing this link with someone at least once every two weeks…  — Great way to handle IE8, by
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Olly Ash 13 Jun 12
And finally, this awesome post by Twitter front-end engineer describes techniques for using w/ pre-compilers
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Keir Whitaker 2 Dec 11
Great article by on using Sass for "mobile first" that also caters for legacy IE -
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Connor Montgomery 30 Nov 11
has an awesome post on Mobile First and using SASS to help w/ legacy IE:
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Brynn Rieger 29 Nov 11
"Mobile first" CSS and getting Sass… - by …each a layer of CSS that builds upon each previous layer of CSS.
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