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Article 2012-02-28
Tweets on "About normalize.css"
Eric Meyer, CSS Nerd 3 Jun 13
Start the week off right with ’s “CSS: reset or normalize?” at The Pastry Box:
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Smashing Magazine 17 Aug 12
Normalize.css, finally release 1.0: A modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets - by
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Bruce Lawson, Antifa. Black Lives Matter. 29 Feb 12
Normalize.css is an excellent successor to CSS resets . Congrats and a tube of Fruit Pastilles to author
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Brad Frost 28 Feb 12
The very very smart breaks down normalize.css:
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Paul Irish 28 Feb 12
The talented explains normalize.css, which has assumed a rightful place at the bedrock of most new sites
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Matt Zimmermann 28 Feb 12
If you're not already using it, learn about normalize.css and its advantages to just using a CSS reset - via
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