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NewYorkCityGreenCab Oct 6
I really don't understand how lawless FHVS can be. They get away with it. If Green cabs decide to riot and say I WANT THIS AREA BECAUSE WE WANT TO PICK UP HERE! Will it be accepted? Or we would we be told that it is illegal?
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nyctaxinews Oct 6
The Green Taxis were restricted to pick up in the CBD by law because of the Yellow Exclusivity. This is what was paid more than $1,000,000 for. Greens are for the outer boroughs, this is correct. How the other were allowed is a mystery. Or is it?
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I ask what is going on? Why the FHV Commitee has no saying on this and now helped that lawbreaker get out of trouble. WHY
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Blackfoot Taxi Oct 6
If there are any public officials involved, look into their finances. Should be an open book, working for gub'ment and all. My money is on it being closed book. Which says a lot.
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