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MyList is the leading online multi-store gift registry for every occasion including Group Gifting options in the MENA region offices in UAE, Egypt, KSA & Kuwait
Tweets Nov 6
ا هي أفضل طريقة لدعوة أصدقائك من خلال مقعد طبل شيكاغو منhomeandsouldubai • 💎What better way to invite your friends over with a Chicago Drum Stool from @homeandsouldubai💙
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🛍 MyList offers a complimentary personal shopping experience with our Gift Advisors! Book one to add more gifts to your wedding registry for free 💛
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فاجئ عائلتك مع باقة ذو رائحة جميلة من 800 زهرة • 💛Surprise your family with a beautifully smelling bouquet from 800 flowers🌼
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زين منزلك الجديد مع سجل حفلة انتقال مع MyList اليوم! سجل مجانا! • 🛋Decorate your new home with a house-warming registry with MyList today! Sign up for free!💛
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👰🏼Ladies, are you stressed looking for wedding favors? Get in contact with us! Let us know what you're looking for.🍀
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احصلي على كل ضروريات الولادة مع سجل الاطفال مع مايليست! • MyList baby registry for your baby gift necessities.
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😧 WHAT⁉️Did you know we are now partnered with 🔌Anything electric, they got! Get adding✨
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💐💍Is your wedding approaching? Create your wedding registry with us & let us take care of your gifts🎈💛
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🤰🏼👶🏼Did you know It usually takes just four weeks for your baby’s heart to develop after conception🤱🏼👼🏼
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💍👫Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart🎉💛
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👶🏼🍭 JustKidding offers everything new parents would need and desire to raise the perfect little nugget 🧡 @justkiddinguae
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يقمون سيدات ماي لست بالذهاب معكم إلى المتاجر المتعاقدين معهم لإختيار هدايا! يمكنك حجز موعد عبر موقعنا • MyList offers a complimentary personal shopping experience with our Gift Advisors! Book one to add more gifts to your wedding registry 💙
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لديكي أصدقاء لا يعلمون ماذا تريدين لعيد ميلادك؟ قم بالمشاركة مع ماي ليست لقيام قائمت هدايا • 🎂Are your friends struggling with a gift for your birthday this year?? MyList offers a birthday registry to ease your stress💙
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ماي ليست مستعدة لمساعدتك على القيام بلائحة لبيتك الجديد لمساعدة أصدقائك و عائلتك بإختيار هدايا لبيتك • 🛋MyList is here to assist you with a housewarming registry to start welcoming your friends and family in💙
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👶🏻🛍Are your friends struggling with a gift for your newborn? MyList offers a baby registry to ease your stress🎁🍼 👶🏻🛍 هل أصدقاءك يواجهون صعوبة بإختيار هدية لطفلك ؟ ساعدهم عن طريق ماي ليست 🍼🎁
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💕🏑Location, Location, Location. What better to celebrate an unforgettable day than with an unforgettable location. Arabian Ranches Golf Club is the perfect spot to say I Do.💍👰🏻
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قم بالسفر إلى الفردوس مع قائمة سفر مع ماي لست • 🌴 Escape to paradise this summer with a holiday registry with MyList 🚘
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🍽🍎Revamp your whole kitchen with some Better Life products on your registry with MyList🍴🍩 🍴🍩 Better Life قم بتجديد مطبخك مع أدوات و منتجات من 🍽🍎
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