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We have a incredible little dancer too (of the Irish variety), who also struggled with football; it was apparently too dangerous. I hope they listen to their hearts for as long as forever! 💙
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When does voting close?
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We made our Christmas donation. Thinking of all the little ones who will spend Christmas in hospital and the staff who are all amazing
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my heart and eyes did a similar thing when my 6yr old got a sick bug and missed the video recording and both shows. His first main part and last nativity style play. 😭😭😭😭
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Came across the empty ‘Baby’s First Year’ book today & nearly cried as I admitted defeat & packed it in his memory will come with an apology & a print out of my beloved blog. Sorry my darling, I promise, I was too busy enjoying you!
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Whilst reading The Nativity at bedtime... Hubby: “Poor Joseph having to walk all the way to Bethlehem in sandals” Me: Whilst shaking head “Nevermind poor Mary, labouring on a donkey...yes, poor, poor Joseph!” 😱😬🙈
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6yo: “Mummy, is Santa going to die soon?” Me: “Of course not, why?” 6yo: “Well, if he brought you presents when you were little, he was old then, so must be about 100 now!” 🤪🙈
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Struggling with potty training?...check out my latest blog
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The 3 yr old cried saying he didn’t want the pink one, that one was boring, he wanted one from the box. Another confusing aspect of parenting!! 🤣🙈🤪
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Very honoured to be included in the please vote for me if you’ve loved reading my posts...
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Very pleased to be in the second round of the UK Blog Awards. Now it’s time to start voting for the favourites. I’m hoping all of my lovely followers will support me and MumComms! Please follow the link to make your vote count 😍😘!
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The Makaton Charity Nov 13
We are delighted to announce will be the first person to read a Bedtime Story using Watch him read & sign Ten In The Bed on Friday 16th Nov "I am beyond honoured to be the first person to read and sign a book using Makaton"
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Not sure what was more embarrassing...the fact that the 3yr refused to leave the house for the school run unless he was dressed as an alien (aka in a onesie) or the fact it was almost two sizes too small! 🤪😱🙈...
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Hope so!! 😊
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You missed out ‘dignity’...think I left mine on the labour ward...must ask if they have a lost property box...🤪
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My kids are clever too...this evening I served the melon my 3 yr old refused at lunch time in response to him asking for pear for pudding and he only blooming noticed!! 🤪😬
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Can’t wait to bring out the tree 😍
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Have fun....and wine!
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I got the reception picture and since then just cut out the little picture example they give you. 😉 I have much nicer pics of Bubba that I’ve taken myself!
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