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Ditto!! No parcel!! Despite having paid a fortune for special post!! DISAPPOINTING!!
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paid for special delivery for Father’s Day last week. Was supposed to have a delivery today but nothing. Now the father in our life will miss his present. Thanks! 😬
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We use the Nivea kids one and although it is white, it stains instantly as you apply it. All the school t shirts are now yellow around the neckline and arms. I’ve given up! They all seem to stain! So many ruined whites in our house! 😬😬😬😬
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😱 we are a similar age and yet you clearly didn’t have those awkward teenage years!! How?! Both stunningly beautiful! not so bad either 🤣😊
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May 2019, nearly 700 people have read ‘Our Story’ and become ‘cleft aware’...will you become 1 in 700 too?!
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You might like this 😍🤣
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Don’t suppose you stumbled upon a heavenly place to stay on your walk? Been searching endlessly to find the right Pembrokeshire place to stay. Help 😭!! X
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Thank you so much for sharing. 💙
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Carol Vorderman May 10
With my big brother today talking . He was born with severe cleft lip and palate. Care and surgery is a lot better now than then, but children can go through so much...if you have time pls read this blog xxx
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Thank you so much for everything you do to raise awareness and support for - honoured that you and Anton have read and shared our story ❤️
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This Cleft Awareness week why not raise your own awareness - have a read of ‘our story’
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Was great to present with you 😍
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Great advice from for gorgeous new baby Archie’s parents. Keep a note of the things they say and do. 😍 I love looking back at
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I’ve done many fulfilling presentations throughout my career/life, none more so than a presentation I delivered today at a training event for midwives. Hopefully the first of many!
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Feel free to share our story...
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So kind of you, much love back! You hit the nail on the head re. emotions. You clearly have a very close bond, I hope my boys will too. I become a CLAPA ambassador next week, first task - training midwives on emotional aspects of diagnosis at birth 😍
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Thank you and Anton for raising awareness for this morning. Very emotional to watch. Lovely for my eldest to recognise there are others like his little brother. ❤️
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Feel free to check out my boys story...
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