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Homemade bolognaise (very easy to make it veggie) with every veg under the sun hidden in it for my unsuspecting brood!! Whizzed within an inch of its life of course 🙈!
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This made me chuckle!! Sounds like our house! Except you missed out the bit about the toddler figuring out the buttons to press to turn it ‘yellow’ at 3am! 😬🤪😴
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Interesting read! I wrote about our reflux journey with our youngest. You may like to read it...from a parents perspective. 😊
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Thank you! Shall be trying these. Our son is 3 and currently very reluctant but with lots of change at present we’re taking it gently. These games will hopefully help!
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Yes, and sadly, no! Not the response you probably want lol but at least I’m honest 😉
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If you are struggling to deal with silent reflux, just know that you are not alone. Here is my very honest account of our experience, and how we got through it.
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This pic has made my day! Thomas & Friends as interpreted by Bubbins 😍💙
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Had a little helper to wash my car earlier. Now I have one super shiny clean car...and a full load of washing! Still...he had fun!
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Great that you raise awareness of cleft in your article. There’s a little more to it than just ‘distressing’ 😉 step in the right direction though! Your readers may be interested to see the impact that being 1 in 700 brings. 😊
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🤣 least I’m not going 🤪
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How bizarre that I only just saw the tweet? Or was it a retweet from you? Am I going loopy?! (I did think you already had two lol!!) 🤪💙
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Freedom!! Do I get train in and taxi home or is it not that sort of event 🤣🤪
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Now to break the news to daddy that his evening down the pub may be a tad disrupted 🤣
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Lovely news! Congrats! Cannot give advice on looking after two but my blogs ‘Second child syndrome’ and ‘Love at one hundred and forty first sight’ may hold more meaning for you this time next year 😍💙
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Just booked on! Looking forward to it. Thanks
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I whole heartedly agree ! I treasured this summer. They are only little once and we too relished simple pleasures of sandcastles and dam building. Suppose they wouldn’t be special times if they were all the time! I cried rather than celebrated the school run 🙈!
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For all those parents on the silent reflux journey, there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Your smiles will come! You are not on your own. 💗
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Thank you for retweeting. The response I’ve received from parents going through the journey has been incredible. If your retweet is seen by just one parent in need then it will be worth every word I wrote. 😘
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Such an amazing response to my latest blog, having finally put silent reflux in its place. This one is for all parents on the silent reflux journey. May you find comfort in our story.
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