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Mike Memoli
"It's sick," Biden says of Donald Trump Jr accusing him of being a pedophile. But adds: "He is his father's son." And says he doesn't want to get into the mud with them, confident the public knows him well enough to know it's not true.
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Taylor May 19
Replying to @mikememoli
Don Jr is once again projecting
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STU May 19
To think there are loons out there who still say Vote Blue no matter who. It shows how little they value the gift of voting.
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Kate hensler 🆘 May 19
Indeed we do. And here’s what I’m certain of, on Joe Biden’s worst day, he’s 100x’s a better man than trump is on his best day.
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C Speng May 20
Trump jr wasn’t joking. And all of us that have seen these videos & pictures for years don’t think it’s funny. He is known in DC for his temper. Lord knows what he whispers on their ears when he sniffs them.
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