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Jim Miller 🧢 28 Aug 14
Is there a line of effect in D&D and does Wall of Force block it?
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Mike Mearls
in general, a barrier that stops physical objects stops spells
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Melissa Wickersham 29 Aug 14
So do spells simply bounce off a Wall of Force, or are they reflected back towards the caster?
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Jim Miller 🧢 1 Sep 14
Replying to @Wicker1M @mikemearls
I will tule they do neither. The spell just fizzles and the slot is lost.
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Keith Ammann 29 Sep 16
Wait, would that even include a glass window?
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Mike Mearls 29 Sep 16
Replying to @pokereleran
not if the spell says you need to see the target
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