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Mike Maniscalco
The have 7 days to match the Sebastian Aho offer sheet from Montreal. No reason to do anything immediately according to Don Waddell. Says if they do anything today just helps Montreal and he might not feel like helping them at the moment.
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The Toad 1 Jul 19
Are you related to Sebastian? Asking for a friend
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Mike Maniscalco 1 Jul 19
No, not directly.
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Doug Abrams 1 Jul 19
Montreal did Canes a favor. The AAV is less than Canes were willing to pay. The only downsides are the bonuses & the 5 year term. Upside is Canes can freely raid the Habs w/ offer sheets
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Elijah Duncan 1 Jul 19
We will match I think but this severely handicaps us. We won't have any money left to sign any goalies.
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ArcherforCanes 1 Jul 19
Don’t think it changes things as far as cap space. May handcuff us as it forces money spent but the cap hit is like 8.4.
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Cory Spiers 1 Jul 19
Run out the clock. Match it in the 11th hour on the final day. The money will get spent either way. In the meantime, find your goaltender (Lehner). You know your Aho deal will come in lower than expected, so go forth and conquer.
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HockeyBucketList 1 Jul 19
Not sure which goalies are left available, but Lehner signed a 1-year deal with Chicago for $5M.
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At least 2020 Dumped Drumpf 1 Jul 19
It's gonna be interesting to see the CAR/MTL relationship moving forward.
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Miguel Leduc 1 Jul 19
Looking for a big brawl next year
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