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Mike Duncan Apr 15
Welp Notre Dame is already a culture war skirmish line, and InfoWars false flag conspiracy theories are in the air, so I guess it's Log Off O'clock for me.
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The British History Podcast Apr 15
Replying to @mikeduncan
Block early. Block often. It's so much better than muting because it doesn't just remove toxic assholes from your mentions. It also curtails their ability to access your followers.
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Mike Duncan
You know, I went from Mute Is The Kings Block to Block Early Block Often about nine months ago. It's so much better for everyone.
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Patrick Wyman Apr 15
I've never regretted a block. I've regretted not blocking many times. Seems like a good rule.
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CharlieBens Apr 15
It is such a shame that our culture is like this. Where everything, literally everything is political now. I can't see how this is going to lead to anything good, unless this only happens on social media and most Americans just aren't aware of it
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