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The College Board May 15
Keep this page handy to avoid and troubleshoot technical issues during your AP Exam.
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Michelle Pratt
Hilarious, a list of 100 trouble shooting tips to try to go through while you're panicking in 5 minutes. And, oh look, "IF ALL ELSE FAILS" there's a makeup test!! But wait a submit if this was helpful button. Wonder if that button works!?!?
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GregSEA #NeverBiden #IBelieveTara #JennyisaCop May 15
It should read, “if all else fails when we fail, oh well.”
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Nah. It would probably say “Whelp, if your test didn’t submit because of an issue on our end. Check again, it’s probably your fault because we are perfect in every way.” They refuse to change their systems despite how many kids futures they are ruining.
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mmm...drake May 15
After the 50 tips you do BEFORE the exam to make sure you’re ready. Student: Dang I forgot to make sure I wore my the green socks (as per CB tip) CB: Failure to upload.
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