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Michael Ahrens
For the first time in three decades, the number of fatal drug overdoses has dropped. Fantastic news from on the administration's progress in fighting the opioid epidemic.
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Peter Jan 30
Great news!
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Charli Allee Jan 30
Praise the Lord
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David Ashaye Jan 31
Congratulations for this amazing achievement!
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Danielle LaMantia Jan 30
We have to just keep fighting the fight and protect those we know can really use the help. Big pharma & careless Drs caused this epidemic we just have to stop it!! 🙏🙏🙏
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MikeTLiberty Feb 1
is it a coincidence US border security is much stronger then illegal border crossings dropped, and almost immediately thereafter US drug overdose deaths dropped?
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Jeff Barbose 🏳️‍🌈 Jan 30
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Some call me Tim Jan 30
Great...but in the future, with loosening of EPA clean water act restrictions and allowing landmines (Srsly? WTF) we will negate these wins.
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GranTorino Jan 30
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