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Michael R. Gordon
Russia send unusual letter to lawmakers warning New START extension could be jeopardized by U.S. B-52, Trident II conversion practices. There is a link to the letter here.
Russia has stepped up criticism of U.S. efforts to implement a major arms treaty with an unusual message to lawmakers accusing Washington of undermining the New Start deal. The dispute comes as a...
The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal @WSJ
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Dan Handel 15 Jan 19
Russia, the world’s greatest provocateur tells US lawmakers not to provoke it. Enough of this intimidation by a lawless nation. Rebuild our military strength & capabilities.
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Rule of Law 15 Jan 19
you shouldn't have fd with our elections.
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Vasily Kuznetsov 15 Jan 19
You shouldn’t had started that back in 1996. So if there was any needling in your “elections” (my guess is no) then it’s what your country deserved I gues. An eye for an eye.
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