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As John Pilger has told us so many times of so many corporate media wannabes: 'They want it both ways.' They want to be respected as truth-telling dissidents without losing 'mainstream' 'respectability'. It doesn't work that way. You have to make a choice.
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Patrick Henningsen Feb 28
Replying to @medialens @OwenJones84
And too. The big hitters alright.
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Ajit Hegde Feb 28
Replying to @medialens
Moral cowardice may be the essential ingredient for a mainstream media career. They call themselves leftists, even communists. May be they never were. It was just a marketing label as far as they are concerned.
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PWalker🌹#VoteLabour Feb 28
Replying to @medialens @BrikKirby
So disappointing!
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Implied Premise Mar 1
Replying to @medialens @novaramedia
The relative silence of in dealing with @KennardMatt's comment is telling. This is a pivotal moment for the notion of left solidarity: either you bow at the throne of mainstream credibility or you strap some gloves on and fight back. I say this as a Novara viewer.
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Phil #GTTO #JC4PM Feb 28
Replying to @medialens
What a great quote and so true. Novara turn out to be cowards
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MickeyPeedia Mar 1
Replying to @medialens @CoitirMac
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Chartrambler Feb 28
Replying to @medialens @21WIRE
look at the people like Neill and Marr.....SILENT about what is going on in France with the Gilets Jaunes protests that the BBC pretend arent happening disgusting.....
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