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Tweets Mar 23
Friday roundup: School safety debated; budget heads to conference committee; bill would give public employee unions names of new hires
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Possible relief for motorist with huge E-Z Pass fines passes Senate
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Wednesday roundup: School shooting generates blame, debate
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Senate unaimously passes $44.5B budget, with some tax relief, boosts to aid forumlas, and praise for Kasemeyer on his final budget
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Friday roundup: Legislature picks up pace; Senate passes budget, House OKs sports betting referendum, gun control
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House votes to put sports gambling on November ballot
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ICYMI earlier: We updated the list of 9 senators and 29 delegates who leaving the Senate and House this year. Added two delegates we missed on the first go-round. Let us know if there are any more.
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House Judiciary Committee unanimously approves repeat sex offender bill that has failed to get out of committee in past years.
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Monday roundup: Marijuana diversity, patient bill of right, repeat sex offenders, Metro funding advances in Va.
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A bill to allow evidence in court of sexual predatory behavior by people accused of sex crimes advanced last week in the Senate, but chances of the legislation in the House are dim, with one committee leader wanting judges to decide.
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Abell study finds tax hikes on cigarettes, alcohol were good for public health.
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Monday's roundup is a long one: Sen. Wayne Norman dies, Kagan names lobbyist for harassment, crime bill, political news Details of Norman funeral
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7 senators get free ride back to State House; at least 11 judges too
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Hogan makes dent in disabilities list, but help can still take years to come
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Wednesday roundup: more political news from Tuesday's filing deadline
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Tuesday roundup: Oaks stripped of committees; Astle retiring; HoCo Council Chair Sigaty files for Kasemeyer's seat
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House rejects lower pay raise for judges Republicans proposed, tentatively agrees to $20K raise McIntosh says senators prefer.
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Fr iday roundup: Guarding against election tampering, beer hearing on tap, Hogan-Rutherford file for reelection
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Fear of Russian meddling derails 'simple bill' regulating foreign observers of Maryland elections
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Thursday roundup: beer brawl coming, school oversight, Kamenetz picks Valerie Ervin, crime fight in Bmore shows promise, Baker edges other Dems in poll, fear of Russian meddling derails bill
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