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Tweets Oct 26
Live at : we’re SO excited to announce our partnership with - all Rome IV criteria now on MDCalc! To celebrate, we're offering special Rome + MDCalc CME bundles for those attending: +Join us today 2-6 pm ET:
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Dr. Danya Khoujah Oct 14
Consider using the PLASMIC score to diagnose TTP in the ED Confirmation = ADAMS-13 (takes forever) Early Dx = early Rx (w/ plasmapheresis) = ⬇️⬇️⬇️mortality
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NYC Health Business Oct 22
Get yourself ready to vote! and have joined forces to create a Safe Voting Plan that gives you Clinician Resources to help you and your patients vote. LEARN MORE:
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Rome Foundation Oct 23
You can earn CME credits from at a great price when you purchase a Rome Foundation bundle while attending . Check out their booth (600-PREMIER) at:
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Rome Foundation Oct 26
If you aren't attending and want to learn about the Rome/ bundles, you can join their Zoom from 2-6 pm (ET) to ask questions! Meeting ID: 5527727684 Link:
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It's time 🎉! We'll be live starting Mon 10/26 (2-6 pm ET), and we've got an exciting announcement. Stop by, say hi, and celebrate with us - aka get some exclusive offers. + Stop by our booth:
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Tune in 10/22 to Seminar Series for a discussion with our co-founder and other experts on digital innovation and how tools (like MDCalc!) are improving clinical decision making:
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We’d be happy to consider adding your score for assessing amphetamine toxicity. Can you email with a reference and some details?
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Philip Maynard, MD Sep 28
Something I discovered this year is that has a Snellen Chart! Who knew? PS You hold it 4ft away. Pocket Snellen is 6ft. And the ophtho consult pager is...
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Miles Cobia, MD Sep 28
MDCalc has a great risk calculator page that also includes some helpful algorithms. Some of this may also help people the understand their overall risk. Charleston Comorbidity index may be particularly helpful
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glad to hear you're enjoying MDCalc! We actually have an Anion Gap calculator that calculates the delta gap and delta ratio. But if this isn't what you had in mind, the Delta delta gap is in our pipeline.
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Modern MedEd Sep 24
Replying to @mdcalc
Yes! This is amazing. Proof:
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Vivek Murthy Jul 18
The RAPID score for pleural space infection can help stratify risk of mortality. Just need to know: - Pt's age - Serum BUN - Serum Albumin - Is pleural fluid purulent? - Community or hospital acquired? has an easy calculator:
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We’d love to hear more about what you have in mind. Can you email with some details?
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Replying to @StephenVoss
sorry that we missed your message. Did this get worked out? You can shoot us a message at if not.
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Alyka Glor Aug 14
Replying to @AlykaGlor
Of course, I have to mention MDCalc. This is the first app I downloaded for my clerkships back in third year. Pro tip: create an account so you can mark favorites and it tracks your most recently used algorithms!
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Use MDCalc? You deserve credit for it ( credit, that is 😉). Get point-of-care CME without tests or hassles, while supporting your fav resource and ! + Learn more:
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Would love if we could partner with Charlotte — we're actually in the process of doing the exact same thing, and explaining which scores we've reviewed, and why we are/aren't adding them to MDCalc.
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Check out the next recipient of our , makes clinical trials easily accessible to both healthcare professionals and the public. + Read about TrialScope: + Apply to the grant:
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The next recipient of our is is an online education platform for medical students and professionals w/ interactive learning tools. +Read about Osmosis: +Apply to the grant:
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