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Tweets Jun 21
YOU ASK, WE DELIVER! Seeking a rapid test to assess red-green color blindness? Our Color Vision Screening (Ishihara Test) fulfills just that! + ✅ it out: + Content from: and Priya Patel, MD
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It's day 4️⃣ of the week and we've got 4️⃣ NEW CALCS! + SLICC Criteria for Lupus 2012 + DSM-5 Criteria for + Ishihara Test + Pancreatic Fistula Risk Score
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TODAY marks the 10th ANNIVERSARY of ! Check out the tools on MDCalc: + Absolute Reticulocyte Count + RBC Exchange Volume
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Surgeons at sent a tiny into a valve, without a surgeon's guidance, using touch-guided vision, informed by ! + Get the DEETS here: + ⚠️ animal model only ⚠️
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Mario Hevesi MD Jun 12
Hot off the press at , check out our joint blog article with and on managing first-time patellar dislocation with a statistically-augmented clinical approach and the .
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🔥🔥HOT OFF THE PRESS🔥🔥 Gupta Postop Failure Risk Calc + provides a risk estimate of + aids in surgical decision making and informed patient consent Keep an 👁️ out for Gupta Postop Pneumonia Risk Score, coming soon!
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As wraps up, we have one last tool to share... Ever wonder about the latest recommendations? Check out the and Localized summary to quickly find recs & strength of evidence for dx, counseling, biopsy, & management.
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Hey there 👋👋 , we're making bedside-friendly interactive summaries - i.e., we read those 50 page docs so you don’t have to 😜 + : + : + All:
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credits are coming to MDCalc! Get and credits by signing up to be a beta tester! ❓What does being a beta tester mean❓You get to try out features before anyone else & give feedback that helps improve the product!
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Ever wonder which score is the most used bleeding risk assessment? We dug into the usage data on MDCalc to find out:
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Ever wonder which score is the most used bleeding risk assessment? We dug into the usage data on MDCalc to find out:
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, our Milligram Equivalents Calculator (based on guidelines) is now live! Calculate for 11 different and curb risk of overdose +Calculator: +Original thread:
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JHarring RN May 25
Bookmark MDCalc and whisper a quiet thank you to Graham Walker everyday
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Milligram Equivalents () Calculator is live! A big thanks to for contributing content!
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Early (EC) or Delayed Cardioversion (DC)? explains new findings: in pts w/recent onset <36h, DC at 48h compared to EC was non-inferior 91% vs 94%; -2.9 % points (similar adverse outcomes in both groups, not powered to detect a diff)
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Mike Paddock May 22
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Graham Walker May 22
Until the expectation of zero miss rate changes, I don’t really see this rise in CT utilization changing. I think age adjusted Ddimer is has helped a little bit. I’d like to see more use of YEARS. Wells’ subjective component ruins it.
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, here are some highly requested calcs that launched this month: +C-SSRS Screener (created by , content from ) +Transtubular Potassium Gradient +McDonald Criteria (2017 Revision)
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EmergncyMedicineNews May 11
.: The seemingly promising protocol of giving two instead of three bags of NAC to poisoning patients is not ready for prime time yet
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🚨 EXCITING UPDATE! 🚨 You may want to sit down for this one… the Morphine Milligram Equivalents calculator is coming to you soon! Stay tuned 🤳(we know, we can hardly contain our excitement either)
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