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Matt Brooks
It is VERY rare for to take sides in a primary. Even rarer to take sides in a primary against an incumbent. Our concerns about and the gravity of this race necessitate it.
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Herb Glatter Mar 27
Rare - a necessity
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greg wa Mar 27
I’ll donate to Massie’s opponent, gladly.
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B C  Sattler Mar 27
Massie has a 96% Liberty Score. Better than majority of most of our House.
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Chris Lubben Mar 27
That didnt take long.
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Hannah Johnson Mar 27
Massie defends the constitution and y’all turn on him. Despicable
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Dave Williams Mar 27
Most of us are sick of people who justify pushing their political agenda, by claiming the Constitution sent a personal message to them to do something.
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anarcho wombat Mar 27
I’m sure the overwhelming Jewish population in Louisville will turn the tide in this primary.
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The Conservative Post Mar 27
Hopefully beats him like a rented mule.
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ProudAmerican🇺🇸Sue Mar 28
Why? Because Massie is the only man standing up and doing his job trying to protect America from being raped by Democrats and their special interest pimps? A clean bill should have been presented. Not one filled with bullshit. Shame on the bastards that constantly rape taxpayers.
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TRUMP CRUMBS 6% (Text TRUMP To 88022) Mar 28
It is a record of Massie mistakes that put him at odds with and the fine people of Kentucky. THE CHOICE IS CLEAR 🇺🇸TODD McMURTRY FOR CONGRESS🇺🇸 He will work with President Trump and put
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