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Matt Katz
I've spoken to several ICE detainees in New Jersey jails today. Part of the reason there are hunger strikes now at 3 facilities (Essex, Hudson, Elizabeth) is because ICE arrests have continued & new people are coming into the detention centers, possibly carrying the virus.
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so_cillie 🐦Will follow retweeters🐦 Mar 20
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Jim Witherspoon Mar 20
Seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me.
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Jersey City Republicans Mar 20
Replying to @mattkatz00
This is a great time to send home. There $9billion price tag is now unmanageable
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👠CAM is SocialDistancingandyoushouldtoo Mar 22
Effing ICE are ghouls and criminals
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PPE for Our Republic Mar 20
The detention centers are America’s Death Camps.
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caution ain't panic fam... Mar 20
oh brilliant.
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jtr7 Mar 20
Replying to @mattkatz00 @AlanTudyk
Are kids in cages still a thing? Haven't heard about 'em in quite a while.
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I am Groot 🌎 Mar 20
I believe it is the position of trump and the gop that immigrants aren’t humans and therefore their deaths in these camps, oops, detention centers, are perfectly acceptable. The storm troopers, oops, ice agents, are just following orders. Seems like I’ve heard that excuse before
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Shane Drinion Mar 20
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