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Jon Punt Aug 6
Forget Black Lace, can someone do something with Eddy Grant, Electric Avenue for the new lad from Sevilla? , I'm looking at you.
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Ibrahim Amadou (a-ha)There is nothing he can't do Ibrahim Amadou (a-ha) you can try and beat him, you won't get through Staying up is never easy I know but he'll help us to Ibrahim Amadou we say merci beaucoup Naaah naaah na na na na na na na na nah etc
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Jon Rogers Aug 7
Yessss....Finally. An original idea with no erroneous lyrics. Have a Gold Star off a peanut..
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Maze Hill matt 🇰🇿 🇲🇷 Aug 7
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⚒️ Steven Carey ⚒️ Aug 7
Now that,s what I call writing talent, can just imagine that being sung now 👍
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