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NetSec Focus Nov 13
This is the most cyberpunk thing I've seen for a while: Chilean protesters using lasers to take down a drone.
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#FuerzaPri Matias
i been close like 2 mts from this scene and happened that the owner of the drone are in the middle receiving the drone. was a controlled descent. Here is the video.
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BrakTalk Nov 13
This was a protestor controlling the drone? Presumably to get footage of the protest?
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estebancho Nov 13
It is seen that he receives it, but the rest of the protesters want to take it away to throw it into the fire. And he must go with his drone. Those people are violent
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MummaLovesKittens Nov 14
Why did they want to throw it on the fire? What is wrong with these people?
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GuGaspasparotto Nov 13
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Christian Heit Nov 13
Replying to @gugasparotto
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Richard H Jean, Capt(Navy) βš“πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦,OMM, CD Nov 20
looks like a Mavic Air - that a lot of pesos.
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Dept. of Rorts and Wreck Nov 13
Yes but Twitter doesnt like the boring truth. is more fun!
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Chrys Anthem-Wozniak Nov 21
please share this inspirational music poem by Francisco Letelier
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