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Andrew Lazarus Apr 15
Here you go: <img style=box-shadow:0+0+0+2in#b5e0ba,0+0+0+5in#5d3a3a>
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Marvin Hagemeister ⚛️ 🇩🇪 Apr 15
Replying to @yratof @preactjs and 2 others
ohh that's genius👍⚡ Didn't even cross my mind to try it with inline elements as they normally collapse. Not sure why this isn't the case with the img tag. I can't find anything about that in the spec...
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Jan Willem Henckel Apr 15
57… 56… 55…? explains how to super minify your HTML and CSS. Definitely recommended for your day to day work. 😄
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Martin Donath Apr 16
Great read, thanks for sharing!
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