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Mark Lane 🇬🇧
The Bristol Brabazon was huge for its time, being sized roughly between the much later Airbus A300 and Boeing 767 airliners however it wasn't able to attract orders. Here is the aircraft landing after the types’s first flight in 1949. ...via

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David Eyles 28 Nov 18
Gosh! It's beautiful.
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Phillip Covell 28 Nov 18
A beautiful aircraft without which there may have been no Concorde. Shame there was no sound!
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KarynM 29 Nov 18
Oh wow so big those wings !
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đź’§Vivienne 29 Nov 18
Not many windows.. Why?
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Marc Livolsi 29 Nov 18
Probably the most elegantly-penned airliner ever. Seeing one in flight must have been amazing.
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Angus Mecoatup 29 Nov 18
The hanger built for it in Filton still stands and is being mooted as a venue for live entertainment.
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So much music so little time 29 Nov 18
take away the props and you've got something out of Flash Gordon
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Chris Bore 29 Nov 18
It was designed to carry 60 passengers: with modern seat spacing it would have carried 300...
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MartĂ­n 29 Nov 18
Always loved this one.
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Rick Gleitsmann 29 Nov 18
What a hunk of metal
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