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Mark Curtis
In 1965, Kurdish leaders in Iraq implored the UK govt to stop massacres of them by the Baghdad govt. At the time, the Labour govt was heavily arming Iraq which used such weapons to destroy countless Kurdish villages. The episode has been written out of British history.
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Soup Oct 9
As I recall, we invaded Iraq partly because of his beastly treatment of the poor beleaguered Kurds.
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Germann Arlington Oct 10
Replying to @Soupelina
We were 4 decades too late.
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Eliot Rosewater’s Ghost Oct 9
Replying to @markcurtis30 @WHarkavy
The Kurds have never controlled exploitable natural resources. Why is this surprising to anyone?
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Powell’s tube Oct 9
Why are you repeating a propaganda stamp? It is far from clear why and how people were killed in Halabja. The only thing which is absolutely clear that it happened during a crazy war which was inspired and financed by USA and Israel.
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