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Steve Troughton-Smith May 28
This podcast is the closest look you'll ever get at the App Store Review process
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Marco Arment
Although, for perspective: - he’s not there anymore, and I don’t think that was his choice - after his departure, app review dramatically improved
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Phillip B. Shoemaker May 29
I left when we hit one day. How is it better or faster?
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Steve Troughton-Smith May 29
what is the personal cost of sub-one-day app approvals? :D
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Adrian Godoroja May 29
Review times definitely improved, but not the quality of the reviews.
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tim May 29
I was shocked at how little time they had for big changes like iPad. Until year or two ago itunesconnect always felt rushed and 3rd-class, I can kinda see why
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Octavio May 29
I find that interview very interestingly timed, in light of today’s new web page about the App Store. Is it really a coincidence? 🤔
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Scott Sterling Jun 2
Faster, yes. Better?
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