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Family First ✨ Didn't invent WASM ✨ Mad JavaScripter ✨ Angular core alumni. ✨ Bazel and Node.js contrib. ✨ GDE for Google ✨ Amb. for Auth0
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Morning project: ✅ Label a dataset and train an ML model in 3min using ✅ Expose a local HTTP API using ✅ Create a Camera app using in 5min Tune in for more updates on the 2nd part (surprise!!!) ❤️
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Le Halloween des Speakers 2h
Pour notre table ronde Frontend de ce midi, on a une guest star de dernière minute: se joindra à et pour parler du dev front. YES! 🎃
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Hi, I am Wassim, I build free and open source tools for developers. My DMs are open to folks who wanna chat about: Come say Hi 🙂
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Machine learning made easy with Lobe. Collect and label images, train a custom ML model, try it out locally, optimize it and export to a wide variety of formats (CoreML, TensorFlow...) in less than 10 minutes!
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Good luck 😹
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Olivier Leplus 🌳💻 22h
On a fait un petit Twitter moment pour revivre le meilleur du Fall 2020 Nous avons aussi ouvert 2 cagnottes si vous voulez vous aussi aider de : - Nantes : - Orléans : 😘❤️
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I'm jealous ☺️
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Thanks for checking in. We're doing fine. We've been strictly following the rules from the start. Unfortunately, not everyone did. Now the whole country is going into another lockdown. I think it was the right thing to do.
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Enjoy it 😉
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⚠️ BREAKING NEWS ⚠️ France 🇫🇷 is entering another starting from Friday October 30th.
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Guillaume 🇫🇷 19h
Today I made a web teleprompter, capturing my web cam on my phone and sharing it for OBS via WebRTC. Peer to peer. No server except for the handshake via web socket. It's pretty fast ! cc
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Any experienced engineers interested in helping to develop and optimize for peak performance the fastest growing productivity app? needs your help! Email "zeb at clickup dot com"
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Dude! That's super cool! I literally had this on my to-do list. I need to check this out.
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News: OpenAI's successfully trained a robot hand called Dactyl that adopted to the real-world environment in solving the Rubik's cube. My AI-enabled vaccum: your baby's foot looks like a pet waste, with 81% confidence 💩
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🇫🇷 Emily in Paris : 8 clichés sur les Français au travail. 🇺🇸 Emily in Paris : 8 stereotypes about French at work. Credits:
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Always keep the charger near you. You will need it 😂
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When I started 2 years ago to try and help bridge the gap between designers and developers, I didn't think for one second that many Design software folks would follow up and perpetuate our mission. Good job ❤️
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That was done on purpose 😂
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Just FYI, I've muted this tweet. My phone keeps ringing all the time.
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