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Matt Pearce 🦅 Mar 11
what a year this last half hour has been
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mactavish 🌎 🏳️‍🌈 💙💜❤️ 🦄❄️♿
I have a friend who just shut everything off and went out into nature for a day because it was all going to be there when they came back.
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Cloakstone Mar 11
I did this yesterday, highly recommend Of course when I got to the arboretum, I found that they had cut down a tenth of the woodland, because an "exotic" cork tree from Asia had been determined to be "invasive" Yeah.
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Wyvern-Legion of 99 Mar 12
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Momofthehour 🌈 Mar 11
This is what I need to do. Except here, nature is even being a bitch.
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