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Max Seelemann
6 years into mandatory app sandboxing on the Mac App Store, it’s still not possible to ship a decent FTP client without SIX different kinds of “temporary” permission exceptions. What a mess…
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Michael Dupuis 16 Nov 18
I STILL don’t understand why they haven’t “blessed” developers who apply as trustworthy so we don’t have to go through these hoops to get around securities that prevent apps from working.
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John Daniel 16 Nov 18
I don’t see anything in those entitlements that are required for an FTP client. All that stuff looks like freebies specifically for Transmit’s integrations with other apps.
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Rudy Richter 16 Nov 18
Yup, some for legacy transmit versions, some for supporting Kerberos/smart card auth, some for editor integrations. The only one that looks fresh is the privileged file operations one
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Peter 🏳️‍🌈 16 Nov 18
Ship outside... I am a transmit user and would prefer tbh
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