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Diane Abbott Feb 23
Chairing a session on "underpaid and undervalued work". As a young woman at my first job in Woolworths, I was both underpaid and undervalued. We need to stand up for women workers in those sectors that are often denigrated. Low paid does not mean low skilled!
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Charlotte Atkinson Feb 23
This is such an important topic. The younger kids on the bfi academy with me were shocked to discover the starting wage for filmmakers was £18k. They looked genuinely horrified and some had to start rethinking their whole career plan
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Ryan Sinclair Feb 24
Wow £18k start is amazing, well done you. My first job was £7k and I thought I was ‘rich’ when I was earning £13k in my early 20s...
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Charlotte Atkinson
That was the average my tutors found from a load of statistics. I’m not sure I’ve ever met any freelance filmmakers actually making that much
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