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Simon Vessey 1h
Replying to @Simon_Vessey
You can see how this rotten country works. Gov leaks rabid racist policy to the press. BBC promotes it. Yougov push polls on it. BBC Question Time makes it seem like the public are asking about it.
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Andrew Bartlett 1h
Question Time is a disgrace.
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Replying to @libcomorg
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"Consider these two units of time: 36 seconds, the rest of your life. The job that takes 36 seconds to do that you're going to do for the rest of your life. I don't know a better definition of alienation than that..." - Martin Glaberman
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Olive Morris, 1952-1979
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Simon Lamrock Sep 30
Shocking sight in Westminster. Homeless peoples tents and belongings being crushed in bin lorry 🤬
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Replying to @Marusya_1312
not sure this is a traditional media vs new media issue or a podcast/video vs text one. To me it feels like the latter - it is way harder to debunk audio.
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Ash J 4h
This is supposedly in reference to an anarchist journalist merely telling people on their (private, locked) account about a concerning DM convo with an "anti-racist" reporter who expressed hostility to abolition & a love for cops. That is NOT "doing the work of Nazis for them."
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Ria Chatterjee 5h
We slowly creep towards a fuller understanding of decision making behind the scenes at the Museum of the Home re: slave trader statue. In a public consultation 71% voted for it to be removed. Many Hackney residents want to know why it’s still up? Hear from &
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Boots Riley Sep 30
Just saw a post that said “ __________ is an opp”. (it was about an org I have disagreements w and has said some weird shit about me) but then when someone asked “really?” the accepted answer was ”ask around, everybody’s saying it” cointelpro worked cuz of culture like this
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Nahtigal 4h
The poetry and brief life of a Foxconn worker: Xu Lizhi (1990-2014) via
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Bill Robinson Sep 30
Only had to lay off 28,000 people to do it
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Working Class Literature 13h
1 Oct 1898 Durham coalminer & author, Harold Heslop, was born. Heslop was UK rep at the 1930 International Conference of Revolutionary and Proletarian Writers in Kharkov & an early proponent of proletarian writing, though often got unfavourable reviews in the Communist press
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As the British government ramps up authoritarian measures, blames individual misbehaviour for spreading Covid, this helps to think through what sort of changes actually might or might not work.
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Sarah Jones 7h
if I thought my coworkers were silly for fighting for basic job security in the workplace I would simply not admit it on Twitter, where thousands of people can learn something new and unpleasant about my personality
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Replying to @libcomorg
'white supremacist militias don't scare me but anarchists do' hmm
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Replying to @libcomorg
There's a critique of liberal anti-fascism & some street anti-fascism that it focuses on far right groups to the exclusion of police & ICE, although that would be a silly critique to make after a sustained anti-police uprising. Also not being made here.
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FKA lowendtheory Sep 30
those saying that struggles against policing distract from political economy have a terrifyingly ahistorical understanding of it. policing is a means of repressing labor, enforcing inequality, naturalizing property. it binds the political to the economic with murderous force.
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Mainstream political discourse was doing dapper white nationalist photo spreads for years before they took white supremacist street gangs remotely seriously. I guess instead of being 'obsessed' with them, people could represent neo-nazis in court pro-bono though?
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humans in partytime 🏴 Sep 30
A world without borders. A world without passports and visas and green cards and "papers please". A world without people dying in the desert of thirst or drowning after their homemade raft capsizes. A world without border patrols, detentions, deportations, separations, camps.
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